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Boaz Ronen

Boaz Ronen is a Professor in the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University's Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration. He holds a B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from the Technion in Haifa and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. Prior to his academic career, he worked over a decade in the Israeli hi-tech industry. His chief areas of interest all involve Value Creation and increasing shareholders' value by using Value Divers in areas such as Sales and Marketing, Operations and Logistics, Information Technology and Strategy. His work draws together strategic and tactical aspects of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Management of Technology, new methods for Costing, Pricing, Managerial Decision Making, Transfer Prices, and advanced philosophies in Operations Management.

He has consulted to numerous corporations and government agencies. Since the late 1980s, Prof. Ronen has led a team that has successfully implemented advanced management practices to increase shareholders' value in dozens of industrial, hi-tech and service organizations.

Prof. Ronen teaches in the EMBA and MBA programs at Tel Aviv University. He has received the Rectors' award and other awards for outstanding teaching numerous times. His visiting professorships have taken him to schools of business at New York University and Columbia University, the Kellogg-Bangkok program at the Sasin Graduate School of Business Administration at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and the International MBA program of the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. Prof. Ronen has published over 100 papers in leading academic and professional journals, and co-authored a book on Value Creation, Managerial Decision Making and Cost Accounting. His work has contributed to the thinking and practice of strategic Theory of Constraints.

Shimeon Pass

Mr. Shimeon Pass is an expert in applying the philosophy and tools of the Focused Management methodology in industrial, service, retail and non-profit organizations.
He holds B.Sc. and an M.Sc in Chemistry from the Technion, Haifa, and from the Weitzman Institute, Israel, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Management.

Working for IBM in the ERP group, Mr. Pass specialized in the implementation of advanced managerial methods to enterprise information systems.
He has also led successful implementations of new managerial methods of project management and R&D management, as well as of Sales and Marketing Operations management. His paper, "Managing the Market Constraint", co-authored with Boaz Ronen, was selected as one of the contributing papers in the TOC Special Issue of the International Journal of Production Research.

Alex Coman

Dr. Coman has a B.A. in Computer Science from the Technion, an MBA in Marketing and International Business from NYU and a Ph.D. in Information Science from the Peter Drucker Management Center in California.

Dr. Coman teaches Operations Management and Management of Research and Development at Tel Aviv University's Graduate School of Management and in the university's Executive Management program. He has taught at the Peter Drucker Executive Management Center, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Bradford University.

Dr. Coman has worked with IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Intel, Teva, Pelephone, PowerDsine, ECI, Creo, Ness, Integrity, Commatch and Telrad and has consulted with investment institutions including Merrill Lynch, Capital, Dankner, and Elern. Dr. Coman is member of the board of several technology firms. Dr. Coman was the founder of a technology consultancy and training firm, Ashrot, with 16+ branches, and of the Jezreel Valley College.

He served as Chairperson of the Software Engineering Panel at the Next Generation of Information Technology Systems conference, and of the Technology Innovation session at the International Association for Management of Technology, 1998. His research interests include the ARENA meta-model for strategy mapping, the Xenogamy methodology, applications of genetic mechanisms for business innovation, the Technology Intensity Profile (TIP), the Technology Optimization Policy (TOP) and Management-By-Constraints.

Dr. Coman received outstanding teaching evaluations at the Technion's faculty of management (where he served as chair of the Information Technology group) and at Tel Aviv University's school of management. His areas of interest include Project Management, Technology Management, R&D Management, Total Quality Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Information Technology and Operations Management.

Zvi Lieber

Dr. Lieber is a financial and investment consultant. Dr. Lieber is an Actuary and economist, MBA with a doctorate in business administration from the University of Chicago. Prior to his early retirement, Dr. Lieber was a faculty member of Tel Aviv University, The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, for 25 years, and has lectured in accounting, costing, finance and corporate value creation. Dr. Lieber is a member of several boards of directors and public committees.

Shany Karmy

Ms. Karmy is a Data Analyst and Project Manager. She holds a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University and specializes in economic models, statistical analysis and survey diagnosis. Ms Karmy has extensive experience working with both service and industrial organizations. Ms. Karmy is also responsible for coordinating global assignments and facilitating improvement teams at management seminars.

Gali Ronen

Ms. Ronen is Project Manager and Information Research Specialist. She oversees value creation projects in first-tier companies, implementing management methods and improving strategic and tactical business performance. Ms. Ronen has applied advanced managerial methods in service, industrial and non-profit organizations. She is also responsible for conducting market research and analysis, company research and competitive analysis, for business planning and diagnostics. Ms. Ronen holds a BA from the University of Amsterdam.