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The mission of Focused Management Ltd. is to significantly increase the shareholders' value of its client companies and with not-for-profit organizations - to significantly improve relevant measures of performance.

The staff of Focused Management Ltd., led by Prof. Boaz Ronen, has been active in implementing the Focused Management philosophy in Israel, the USA and Europe since 1988. This group is among the leaders in applying modern management methods and philosophies for strategic and tactical improvement of organizational performance and in increasing shareholders' value. Focused Management Ltd. has proven competence for the challenges involved, thanks to broad and in-depth experience with dozens of organizations, hundreds of workshops and thousands of consulting days.

Over the years, enhancement of shareholders' value has been achieved with over 100 organizations, large and small, in diverse fields: manufacturing, medical and services, R & D organizations and others, and the team has brought improvements in performance to a variety of non-profit organizations.

The Focused Management methodology increases shareholders' value using value drivers such as:

· Increasing throughput
· Reduction of operating expenses
· Reduction of lead time
· Strategic value drivers
· Change of performance measures and transfer prices
· Decision-making based on the three-stage methodology

The working approach to Focused Management incorporates well-established methods drawn from the theory of constraints (TOC), global performance measures, the Complete Kit concept, the ARENA and FAST strategic models, three-stage decision-making, and process improvement techniques.